Dr. Alexander Flor

Dr. Alexander FlorI was promoted Doctor of Medicine in 1993 by the University of Vienna. Three weeks after promotion I started my surgical traineeship at the University Clinic of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. These were one-and-a-half hard and instructive years, which I spent at the Department for Emergency Surgery, mainly taking care of gun and knife-cut injuries. On my return to Vienna, I continued my surgical education at the stations

  • Emergency Hospital „Lorenz Böhler Unfallkrankenhaus“
  • KH Rudolfstiftung
  • Medical Center „SMZ Ost“
  • Medical Center „SMZ Floridsdorf”
  • General Hospital „AKH Wien”

and was eventually promoted Medical Specialist for Surgery. The same year, 2001, I had an opportunity to open an own office at the „Privatklinik Döbling”. I had early started to specialize in Phlebology (Greek Φλéψ phleps and -logy, the science of blood vessels).
Phlebology is a fascinating profession combining anatomic knowledge with haemodynamic incidents, pressure ratios and their practice to the good of the patient.
In particular my year-long experience with the clarification of venous diseases by means of color-ultrasound provided great insight into the various manifestations of the disease.
Quite early I had an opportunity to attend international congresses, to further my education as well as to hold numerous lectures myself.
An inherent element of my self-concept as a physician has been intensive apprenticeship as a guest doctor as well as lecturing at various clinics. Medical methods and findings are subject to ongoing evaluation which virtually calls forth continuous further education as a must of responsibility, accompanied by steady reassessing of one’s own modus operandi.

Particular thanks are herewith conveyed to my numerous mentors and teachers, in particular to Univ. Prof. Dr. Albert Tuchmann, Prof. Dr. Zoltan Varady, Prof. Dr. Peter Hernuss and Senior Physician Dr. Benedikt Walzel as well as for the credit confided in me by so many patients of mine.

Let me also thank my family, my friends, colleagues and staff for their patience and appreciation accorded to me.
Last but not least I owe the Benemerita University in Mexico a debt of gratitude for having accorded me the opportunity to train there students and doctors, contributing thereby to an international exchange of knowledge.


Dr. Manuela Eberwein and Dr. Stefana Huemer

As general practitioners Dr. Manuela Eberwein und Dr. Stefana Huemer have great experience in our daily workflow, especially in ultrasound examinations and sclerotherapy of spiderveins.

Dr. Manuela Eberwein

Dr. Manuela EberweinDr. Manuela Eberwein was born in Klagenfurt and raised in Pörtschach, surrounded by the beautiful lakelands of Carinthia. After the successful completion of school education, she went to study medicine in Vienna. She completed her education as a general practitioner in the hospitals KH-Stockerau and Social Medical Center East-Donauspital. Then she became ward physician at the Department of Surgery KH-Floridsdorf, where she cooperates with Prof. Flor.

Since 2009 we are greatful to have Dr. Eberwein in our team at the Vein-Center Währing, where she particularly appreciates the pleasant, conflict-free work environment. Dr. Eberwein participated in several workshops and phlebological trainings and received the diploma of the Austrian Medical Chamber. In addition, she completed trainings in acupuncture.
She enjoys the pleasant atmosphere at the VIMC Clinic and especially the very personal contact with the patients.

Manuela Eberwein loves to travel long-distance, especially if the journey takes her to the Indian Ocean where she swims with the inhabitants of the sea. But with her partner and her son she is also very happy to go skiing in Austria. In her spare time she takes care of their shared patio garden. The high quality of life and the great cultural and culinary offerings of the City of Vienna are particularly valuable for her and her family.


Dr. Stefana Huemer

Dr. Stefana HuemerDr. Stefana Huemer grew up in Upper Austria and moved to Vienna for private reasons. After attending the high-school for working-professionals and the study of human medicine at the University of Vienna, she completed her training as a general practitioner at the SMZ Floridsdorf.

Subsequently, she worked as a ward physician at the surgery department at the SMZ Floridsdorf. In addition, she completed trainings as a company-doctor, in environmental health care and also trainings in acupuncture and homeopathy.
After retirement, Dr. Huemer still had a need to be in this profession, so we are delighted that she joined our team in 2009.
With her wide experience in dealing with patients, as well as her additional training in venereology in Geneva, she is specialized in ultrasound examinations and sclerotherapy of spider veins.

Dr. Stefana Huemer is a keen sportswoman: Tai-ji, walking, hiking and exercising in nature are among her favorite pastimes.


Patrizia Gartlgruber

Patrizia Gartlgruber is responsible for coordinating the administrative back office in Prof. Flor’s surgery. Another of Patrizia’s
Another of Patrizia’s tasks is patient care, which is a particular concern of hers.
It is very important to her that patients feel they are in good hands in the vein practice.
Patrizia appreciates the variety of her work and feels that she has her finger on the pulse of the international clientele in the vein practice.


Dr. Thomas Wallner

Dr. Thomas WallnerAnaesthesiologist of passion

As an anaesthesiologist I’m naturally putting a premium on two things: Good narcosis providing fast recovering and absolute analgesia (painlessness). In particular those patients who want to reintegrate rapidly into work after a surgical intervention, feeling fit and painless as early as possible is of utmost importance. That concept has been proven for years and many patients experience the narcosis as a recreative sleep.

Dr. Thomas Wallner was born in Vienna in 1964 and also completed his medical studies here. After completing his internship at the Landesklinikum Krems, he began his training as a specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine at the University of Vienna (Vienna General Hospital) in 1994.
From 2000 to 2015 he worked as a specialist at the Floridsdorf Social Medical Centre. Since 2015, he has been employed as a senior physician in anaesthesia at the Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna. In addition, he has worked for many years as a freelance anaesthetist in various private clinics and in private practice.
Dr. Wallner has been working in Prof. Flor’s team since 2003.


Claudia Wildfellner

Claudia Wildfellner joined our team in December 2018.
She lovingly and attentively looks after our patients during examinations and helps with minor procedures. It is a special concern of hers that our patients feel well looked after in the vein practice.