How can I preclude a vein disease?

While sitting you should regularly stand up and do some walking; Drink a lot; Breathe deeply and deliberately; Practice sound nutrition, rich of vitamins and dietary fibers; Avoid excessive alcohol and nicotine; Practice regularly sports like swimming, cycling, walking; Even if you prefer wearing high heels you should in between turn to flat soles; Wear modern “support stockings“ up to the knee.


Avoid extended sitting or standing. Movement activates the muscle pump in the legs, thereby the blood is transported in the direction of the heart

When sitting

Activate your ankle joints by continuous raising of the back of the foot. Keep legs high from time to time. Stand up regularly and walk for some minutes.

When standing

Walk a few yards again and again. Use staircase instead of escalator. Practice sports, exercises and movement. Regularly practice sports like swimming, cycling, walking.


Wear supporting stockings – modern and appealing; modern fibers combining high comfort with formidable visual appearance, almost not to be discriminated from other stockings. Studies show that knee-high stockings already have 80% of the effect of thigh stockings or of a pantyhose. Feel the difference with or without the supporting effect at the end of a long working day!

Alternating baths

Warm and cool for your veins. Overly hotness (full bath, sauna) causes increased stuffing of the veins. Preferably use a cold shower at least as far as up to the knee or better up to the groin.

Medicamentous preventio

Extended regular taking has a protecting effect for the vessel wall, leading to a lower disposition to tumefy. Recommended in particular in cases of heavy legs due to a chronic venous insufficiency.

Sound way of living

Avoid overweight. Sound nutrition should include much vitamins and dietary fibre. (Almost) no nicotine. Deep and deliberate breathing.

Examination as early as possible

Visit a vein specialist in time: Color-ultrasound examination and pressure checks allow for the painless determining of your personal risks.

Varices and pregnancy

Hormonal adjustment, added weight and increased pressure in the abdominal cavity during pregnancy foster increased generation of varices. Supporting stockings or special pantyhoses for pregnant women should be worn regularly. They protect an expectant mother, apart from the prevention of varices, from the creation of thrombosis (blood clot in the lower legs). Therapy of varices should not be performed during pregnancy. 80% of the varices regress after pregnancy.

Traveler’s thrombosis/ Economy Class Syndrom

The term Thrombosis stands for the coagulation of blood in our blood vessels.


  • Genetic factors
  • Taking of hormone preparations (“the pill“)
  • Lack of movement
  • Blood thinning owing to liquid shortage and low pressure
  • Varices (slackened blood flow)

If the blood in our veins coagulates, massive pains arise within the leg (calf, hollow of the knee, inner parts of the upper leg) as well as redness and swelling. If not treated, such blood clot may slip off and flow into the lung vessels causing a pulmonary infarction. That may lead to acute breathlessness and occlusion of larger vessels and may even cause death.

Why “Economy Class Syndrome“?

The narrow space between airplane seats brings about elbowing of the legs, constriction of vessels and consequently an increased risk of blood clotting. However, increased risk exists also during travels by car, railway or bus.

How can I prevent traveler’s thrombosis?

  • Keep your feet free
  • Teeter each foot up and down over the ankle joint for 3-6 minutes per hour
  • Do a little walking as often as possible
  • No sleeping pills
  • Drink much liquid
  • No or only little of alcoholic drinks
  • Knee-high supporting stockings if available
  • Administration of a blood-diluting injection to risk patients
  • Treatment in case of an existing vein disease