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Prof. h.c. Dr.
Alexander Flor

Treat varicose veins efficiently with endolaser

Varicose Veins?

Vein medicine has undergone a change. Gentle techniques have replaced traditional interventions. We practice a spectrum of up-to-date techniques, recommending you an optimal bespoke therapy. The healing of your venous ailment, as well as the esthetics of your legs, both are a particular concern to us.
Laser energy allows, within minutes, for the gentle, painless removal even of deep-seated varicose veins without incising. Minisurgery allows for cosmetically impressive results. Due to color-ultrasound diagnosis we can offer you an individual therapy and nourish sound vein parts.”If I had sensed before how smooth and successful the treatment would be, I would have come much earlier”, that’s what many patients of mine have told me. Allow us to advise you! Because the earlier we medicate you, the better it is for your health.I’m looking forward to a clarifying talk!
Yours, Prof. Dr. Alexander Flor & Team